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9 Things Anyone Must Know to Lose Weight without Diets

9 Things Anyone Must Know to Lose Weight without Diets Andrea Roa

Nutrition has become one of the most controversial topics nowadays; for carbohydrates make you fat, for fats cause cholesterol, or maybe because zero-calorie sweeteners are “our best friends”. This and many more urban myths have been gaining strength along with many other lies from the food and fitness industry.
The only thing we know for sure is no matter how many “light” or “sugar-free” foods we have a day, we still don’t get rid of those undesirable pounds. We’ve tried all existing diets and no one seems to work at the end.

In “9 Things Anyone must Know to Lose Weight without Diets”, you’ll find an easy guidebook that takes you to understand how your body works so you can finally have a natural weight loss caused by foods and lifestyle choices.

This little guidebook combines 9 concepts from more than a hundred theories and perspectives in nutrition, health and wellness. They will help you see weight loss from a new perspective; very holistic and easy to achieve for anyone.

With “9 Things Anyone must Know to Lose Weight without Diets” you’ll understand the nature of foods and how they behave inside your body; you’ll learn how to read labels and ingredient lists for you to make real healthy choices in food. With this guidebook you’ll widen your knowledge about nutrients which are not always found in a plate and will lead you to understand your body requirements according to its metabolic profile and blood type.

A very complete and easy to read e-book that will show you why no diet works on the long run at the same time it’ll make weight loss your new hobby. Enjoy!

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