Hello everyone!

I’m Andrea from Mount EverBest!  I created this site to guide and support folks like you and me that in some point of life have felt the need to change the current habits in order to live healthier; in order to live happier!

Andrea Roa - Mount Everbest

I am Colombian. Yes, from South America! I enjoy travelling around the world and meeting people from different cultures. I really consider myself fortunate after being able so far to do what I feel passionate about.

It was back in 2007 when I strongly felt the need to change the way I was taking care of my health (I wasn’t really taking so much care of it). According to the BMI, I was almost in overweight. But furthermore, I was feeling not so well.

When I became aware of this situation, I decided to change my way of eating and tried to eat “healthier”. So, I submitted myself to different diets and regimes that made me lose weight very fast… But right after stopping them, the weight gain was even bigger.

Unconsciously and unplanned, I started reading and researching about  all kind of matters around this topic. I didn’t even realize how much I was learning about it and “accidentally” I developed for myself a whole different way of living.

I created new habits. And that’s what I want to share with you, people reading this webpage.

My purpose with Mount EverBest is giving all the tools for you to start creating your own new good habits.
I’m convinced that all strict regimes may help you lose weight but they will make you sooo unhappy! And COME ON, that is not life! I’m convinced as well that we are all born to be happy and do whatever makes ourselves happy as long as we don’t harm others nor ourselves!

I’ve also learned that our health is a reflection of our mind and thoughts.

So, in this website we will also learn how to exercise our minds and soul and attract positively all the prosperity of the Universe to our lives.

So, let’s put all of our awareness in living happier and healthier and let’s start learning!
But remember: Everything is a process and only you know yourself good enough to determine what is best for you!

To finish this About Me, I want to quote the great American author Louise Hay in one of her audio-therapies:

“What does good health mean?
Good health is feeling not exhausted, is having a good appetite. It’s going to bed and waking up easily. It is having a good memory and feeling in a good mood. Good health is thinking and acting accurately, without clumsiness. Good health is to be honest, humble, thankful and loving… How good is your health?”

Feel free to contact me to my email andrea@mounteverbest.com
Sending love and joy to you,

Andrea Roa