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Become Health Coach with the IIN

Become health coach with IIN

Why did I choose to become health coach with IIN?

This question may sound pretty obvious to me but let me tell you why you should become health coach with IIN.

First of all, IIN stands for Institute For Integrative Nutrition. It was founded by Joshua Rosenthal in 1992 in New York City. It started as a small group of 20 students and today it is the largest nutrition school with over 50,000 students and graduates in 122 countries.

How I decided to become a health coach?

When I first heard of IIN, I was actually researching on internet what a Wellness Coach was. It’s been a year and a half since I started writing this blog and even if I was not aware, along with my Instagram Account were touching many lives out there.

I suddenly started receiving emails and comments from readers and followers asking me to coach them on their efforts to lose weight and live a healthier life. 

I remember that first email… I was shocked! All kinds of questions and fears came to my mind: “Am I able to do this? I’m not a certified health professional. All I know is because of my own experience and investigation”, and many more.

It was also shocking to receive all kinds of questions about health and nutrition on a daily basis from my Instagram followers.  And suddenly I had this whole new dream in my heart to become a wellness coach.

Well, that is my story: started as a weight loss blogger for my own good and now I’m studying to become a health coach for the good of humanity and mother Earth!

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Reasons why you should become health coach with IIN

1. Holistic approach to health.

Remember when I said I wanted to become a Wellness Coach? In that moment that was the title I though of: someone who is able to help the patient to reach her/his goals in all senses. Including health goals, career goals, relationship goals, nutrition goals and any other goal that will lead to a real state of wellness.

Well, that is what IIN is about. Even though the title is Health Coach, they form health professionals in a holistic way. Now I understand that health is such a deep word; health is the reflection of how your life is going in every field. It’s not about symptomatology or what you eat; it’s about how you feel, what you fear, what you dream and many more. Their approach goes from relationships, career, physical activity, spirituality, nutrition, money, dreams and more.

2. Amazing teachers

IIN has a full board of educators formed by leading experts in the fields of nutrition, health and wellness, coaching and business. Just to mention some of your teachers: Dr. Mehmet Oz, Joel Fuhrman, Andrea Beaman, Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington, David Wolfe, Joe Cross and many more. You will be mentored by some of the most amazing people in the field! Doesn’t it sound great?

3. Over 100 dietary theories

You can go through a big number of diets to simply discover that no diet works for everyone. You will learn about food, nutrition and even about how to easily get along with the kitchen. In a very fulfilling way, you’ll go through the different perspectives on eating so you can make your own conclusions and come up with the habits that work best for you and your client.

Check the curriculum by clicking here.

4. Coaching skills development

Throughout the program that offers the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, you’ll be trained on how to successfully conduct a health consultation. The curriculum is very active in the sense it’ll encourage and require you to make consultations from the very beginning. This way you start developing your skills right away with the chance to shape your own coaching style.The institute makes sure you understand the skills a successful coach needs in its daily practice.

5. Business and marketing skills

The IIN leads you to success and their study plan also emphasizes in making from health coaching a real career for you. You will learn how to build a Health Coach practice professionally, how to promote yourself, get clients and keep the business going. You will learn different business skills focused on the health field in a very innovative way.

 6. Online program

What’s even better; it is an online program! You’ll be able to comply with your modules at your own pace. Yes, there are certain dates and tasks you won’t like to miss but they’ve made sure it is flexible enough for any one who has another occupation during the day. Actually the program has been created for people that are looking for a complementary field of study to start a new career or to strength the current one.

Don’t miss the chance to attend a free sample class by clicking here!

7. Online libraries and free conferences in NYC

You’ll have an extensive library of food, health, spirituality, leadership, coaching and business resources that you can use any time! And there are constant live conferences at the facilities of the institute in New York city all year around that you can attend for free and empower yourself even more.

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I would like to say so many things more but I better keep it short. All I can say is the Institute of Integrative Nutrition has changed my life! This program is empowering! It will change your health, your career and what’s best, it will change for good those around you too.

Please contact me if you’d like to know more about the program. As IIN Ambassador, I’m able to answer all your questions so you can decide if this is the right program for you.

Leave your comments in the box below and I will contact you back shortly. If you’re ready to enroll and save, click here.



I'm a Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and advocate of health and wellness. I work with women from around the world helping them achieve their health-related goals, including weight management. Contact me and let's set an initial coaching session totally free!


  1. Interesting Andrea. Not heard of this. How do you differ from a nutritionist? I recently had an informal consultation with a nutritionist. Is a Health Coach similar? It sounds positive with IIN. I myself need the guidance rather than being able to give it :)

    • That’s such a great question, George. A nutritionist is someone that will arrange a diet plan for your needs and goals. A health coach is someone who will work with you to set an action plan for you to achieve your life goals from a holistic approach. This means health is defined not only by your nutrition habits but also by the interconnection between nutrition and your career, family, relationships, physical activity, spirituality and so on. A health coach from IIN will help you to identify all those aspects in your life where you’d like to make changes for a lifetime and will work together with you to achieve them. So, a health coach will help you to optimize your eating habits but it’s not limited to that. :)

  2. Hi Andrea, I never heard of a health coach before or the IIN for that matter. It looks very holistic.
    It sounds a great course and I want to wish you every success. You will be a very handy person to know:)
    Take care

    • Thank you dear Jackie! Here I am to offer any support! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. It’s a new concept for me, but sounds very interesting. I’m going to have to find out more about it. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Andrea:).

    • Yes my dear! Let me know if you’d like to know more info on this. I would definitely guide you :)

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