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Who is Andrea Roa?

Hello dear,

I’m Andrea Roa, blogger at Mount and aspiring Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition of NYC. I created this site to guide and support women like you and me that in some point of life have felt the need to change the current habits in order to live healthier; in order to live happier!

Healtch coach Andrea Roa  Ultimate Weight Loss Program

Andrea at the launching event of her therapeutic jewelry brand last September, 2015

I am originally from Colombia, South America. It was back in 2007 when I strongly felt the need to change the way I was taking care of my health (I wasn’t really taking so much care of it). According to the BMI, I was almost in overweight but the real thing was I was feeling not so well.

When I became aware of this situation, I decided to change my way of eating and tried to eat “healthier”. So, I submitted myself to different diets and regimes that made me lose weight very fast… But right after stopping them, the weight gain was even bigger.

Unconsciously and unplanned, I started reading and researching about  all kind of matters around this topic. I didn’t even realize how much I was learning about it and “accidentally” I developed for myself a whole different way of living.

I created new habits. And that’s what I want to share with you, women reading this webpage.

After some years living as a health advocate, I decided to become a Certified Health Coach. During my training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I’ve specialized myself into a wide variety of dietary theories and coaching skills. That’s why I want to invite you today to start co-creating your own action plan based on your unique goals and dreams!

With my knowledge and experience, we’ll work together in achieving those goals and walk towards your vision of ideal health. It will be exclusively for you, your body, your lifestyle, your preferences and resources.

My coaching style focuses on creating life-lasting habits instead of following diets or any other restrictive program. I believe 2 people cannot be treated the same and no diet really works on the long run.

As your Health Coach, I’ll give you back  the power of creating and maintaining the life you want!

Learn more about my Ultimate Weight Loss Program and my coaching perspective to health. Contact me and schedule your initial session online and totally free today!

From the great American author Louise Hay in one of her audio-therapies:

“What does good health mean?
Good health is feeling not exhausted, is having a good appetite. It’s going to bed and waking up easily. It is having a good memory and feeling in a good mood. Good health is thinking and acting accurately, without clumsiness. Good health is to be honest, humble, thankful and loving… How good is your health?”

Feel free to contact me to my email or schedule your initial session online and totally free today!
Sending love and joy to you,

Andrea Roa


  1. Andre, I found the webpage very interesting. I love the info about the 4 types of food that speed up the metabolism. I will continue reading and I´ll be waiting for any update.

    Thank you for sharing this information with te world. I wish you can travel more to expand your knowledge.

    • Thank you Taty! I’m glad you liked it and hope to see you following for long time

  2. Muy interesante todo lo que recomiendas para una vida saludable y feliz, seguiré tus consejos! muy bonita la pagina, muchos éxitos en tus proyectos!!

  3. I just had to write you before I even finish reading your website! I love your outlook and relevant info. on good health – thanks. Thanks too for your great comment on my website!

    • Thanks to you for your support Adele! Would love to see you around again :)

  4. Andrea, you look like a chipmunk in that photo, haha! All the best to you and with sharing your health tips to the world. :)

    • hahah Thank you?? I guess! hahaha thank you so much for your support Jeremy! Would love to see you around again in Mount Everbest!

  5. I’m impressed with your personal discovery about physical health, food as well as the spiritual aspect of wellbeing. I think nothing speaks louder than that and I can read your joy of sharing it. You have a very good niche, thank you for sharing! Well done with this website and keep it up!

    • I feel so honored to get these words full of love! Thank you so much Fred and my real honor and happiness is to spread love around and give useful help to anyone who needs it! I really hope you get along with Mount Everbest Fred. I’m hope to see you around in further occasions :)

  6. Hola, que buenos posts de nutrición! manejo el programa de afiliados de y nos gustaría tener tu participación. Tenemos mas de 100K productos y comisiones del 8 a 15%. Te mande un inbox y mail, quedo al pendiente….

    • Gracias, estaré chequeándolo y te escribo Eli. Muchas gracias!

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