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Ultimate Weight Loss Program

Enroll my Ultimate Weight Loss Program

Tired of dieting and still not losing any pound?
Don’t know how to handle those daily cravings?
Feeling overwhelmed by your work load?
Feeling drained by complicated relationships?
Want to feel great with your body and your life?
Are you ready to achieve all those goals in a very flexible and rewarding way?

Ultimate weight loss Andrea Roa

A Health Coach guides and supports you. A Health Coach empowers you and provides all kind of orientation on how to set goals and make sustainable life changes in order to improve your health and overall joy.

As your Health Coach, I’ll take you by the hand throughout the so contradicted world of nutrition and wellness; at the same time we’ll experiment gradual changes that allow us discover the lifestyle habits that really work for you!

We’ll work together in:

  • Connecting the dots between who you are and the person you want to be
  • Create your personal life plan
  • Understand your body’s unique needs
  • Set personal goal and build real sustainable healthy habits

You’ll get:

  • 2 Online sessions a month of 50 minutes each (Via Skype/Google Hangouts/Phone call)
  • Support between sessions via email and WhatsApp
  • Easy and healthy recipes
  • Specific handouts that will support your own needs and goals

Work with me!

If you’re not sure yet that working with a Health Coach is appropriate for you, don’t hesitate contacting me and we’ll schedule an initial session totally free where you can experience how it feels to work with me. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions towards the Ultimate Weight Loss Program and my coaching sessions.

Don’t get curious and schedule your free initial session today!