This is the third part of How to Lose Weight and Still Eat. In the first part, you learned to distinguish and understand the nature of the food you eat everyday, so you can start making your best choices of meals. In the second part, Mount EverBest taught you some easy ways to change your habits in the exact moment you are eating, so your body can optimize its digestion conditions. In this third part, we’ll provide you 4 more tips to consider throughout all your day and life. They don’t take much effort. All you needed was to get to know them. We are sure you will start taking charge of them right away.

Water to detoxify your body

Drink Enough Water

Drink pleeeenty of water. Make 2 cups of water the first thing of your day. It cleans and activates your body from the very morning.

When you drink water throughout the day your body feels filled all the time, avoiding anxiety and unhealthy cravings. Besides that, drinking enough water daily avoids water retention because your body won’t feel the need to retain it inside since it is constantly receiving it. Water retention is one of the main causes for gaining weight.

 It is recommended (especially when eating and drinking at the same time) not to drink ice cold water/beverage because it promotes fat solidification . Try warm water (you can put a green tea bag) or simply leave the water jar outside the fridge.

 Be careful with sodium

 Control your sodium ingests! High quantities of sodium promote water retention and high toxicity levels. Be careful with all kind of packed/canned/box meals and sauces; they are high in sodium. Whenever you cook, don’t salt too much your food. Normally processed food comes with high quantities of sodium; minimize their ingests. It is a matter of substitution. For example, if you love pizza and always take some frozen pizzas home, why not doing your own pizzas? It could be so much fun and you can do it with healthier choices of ingredients.

 Cleanse your colon

Your colon may be full of toxins, parasites, mucous, old stools, putrefied foods and more and that may be sabotaging your weight loss plans.

To keep a clean colon eat fibrous meals like vegetables and whole-grain products. Oatmeal and flax seeds are highly recommended on a daily basis. Drinking enough water every day or natural herb teas (unsweetened) are a very good and easy practice to drain your body continuously without even noticing. Herb teas are full of antioxidants.

 For a deep cleanse, try salt water flush or enemas periodically. The most common enemas are saline solution and coffee enemas. Read more about coffee enemas here.

Give some action to your body

Dance to work out

Be active. Exercise. Extreme work-outs are not necessary. By giving some cardio exercise to your body for simply 30 minutes daily, it will make a huge change. It could be walking, jogging, dancing, swimming, climbing.

Make it fun for your own. If you love music and enjoy dancing, why not making it your daily way of exercise? There are so many ways to give your body some action.

Challenge yourself! Add more time and intensity to your workouts each week. 3-5 minutes more are perfect for giving more resistance to your body. Play with the rhythm; make a shift of intensity or speed for few minutes and go back to your normal pace.

After all these years, I’ve learnt that if little changes are accompanied by persistence and continuity, they can result into great and life-changing facts!

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