In this second part you will learn in a very simple way three things you can start doing right away. The first part of How to Lose Weight and Still Eat was focused on giving consciousness about the type of food someone is about to cook or to eat. It was focused on “starting to be healthier even before eating”. In this second part, MountEverBest wants you to focus on the exact moment you are eating. Some few changes can mean a great impact. Here they are:

watermelon as dessert

Reduce portions, eat more

Reduce your main meals, eat smaller portions and gain the right to healthy-snack up to three times daily. It means you will eat six times a day. Healthy-snacks are fresh fruits, vegetables or a portion of low-fat dairy. This will activate your metabolism because it will be working all day long. Furthermore, this is a good way to stop anxiety and avoid over-eating during your main meals because your body will feel all the time satisfied. For example: eating breakfast at 7am and waiting for lunch at 12m will make you feel starving during lunch. Starving causes over-eating. What can you do? Eat a smaller breakfast at 7am, healthy-snack at 10am and then have lunch at 12. Take lunch to a smaller quantity.

When craving sweets, eat fruits

Make fruits your favorite option of dessert! Eat fruits when craving sweets.

A reality of candies/desserts sweetened with white sugar is they cause addiction because of the effect it has in the brain. So, you will always crave more and more and the bad news is they are not so filling while they are very high in calories.

 If you feel craving a lot of sweet, make a fruit salad. Fruits contain fructose which is a “healthy sugar” your body can easily assimilate. And the good news: fruits are nutritious and low calorie!  Watermelon, cantaloupe, apples and dragon fruit are a low-calorie option of fruits that are very sweet and can satisfy your sweet cravings.

 Avoid beverages while you’re eating

When eating avoid drinking, even water. Eating and drinking at the same time doesn’t allow a good digestion.

The body starts digesting the liquids and leaves the solids for the end. This may lead to fat, sugar and toxins retention while the food gets damaged inside of you. It is recommended to drink 30 minutes before or after any meal. At least 15 minutes will make a big difference in your digestion process.

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