Understand What You Eat

Whenever you start to comprehend the nature of your meals, you are advancing hugely into being healthier. This is actually a key component on how to lose weight and still eat.

Since carbohydrates are normally the highest intake of calories in our daily diet, start distinguishing the good ones from the bad ones:

 • Prefer whole-grain meals (whole-grain bread, whole grain rice, whole grain pasta, brown sugar) over refined ones (white bread, white pasta, white rice, white sugar and everything made of white flour). The difference doesn’t remain on the quantity of calories but in the quality of the meal. These meals have a high content of fiber which promotes the good health of your body and weight loss because 1, they decrease cholesterol levels promoting heart health; and 2, they cleanse your stomach, liver and colon while bringing out with them all the fat, chemicals and other toxins that may be affecting your body inside. Read more information about whole-grain foods by clicking here “The Truth about Whole-Grain Foods”.

 • Even better, go for vegetables. They even do a better job than the whole-grain meals because besides all the reasons mentioned before, they are very low calorie. Having too many vegetables daily will never be bad; they are high in nutrients. Actually, the amount of nutrients in a vegetable is always way higher than its amount of calories. This relation between amount of nutrients and calories  resolves the equation of health and weight loss. According to the American Best-Seller, Joel Furhman, when the body is receiving more nutrients than calories, the weight loss is immediate and the level of health increases. Read more about the types of carbohydrates by clicking here “Are Carbs Healthy?”.

 • Whenever you are eating meat, go for the lean one. Cut away the fat piece you find in the meat: that makes a significant difference in calories and health. Avoid chicken skin. Besides that, it is good to know that human digestive tract is not carnivorous; this means meats and specially red ones, are very hard to digest for our body. Eating high quantities of meat during a meal ends up giving a high toxicity to our body. Click and read deeply about it in our article The Truth about Meats.

 • Prefer steamed, grilled or baked preparations over fried ones. This is even a simpler rule for weight loss. I’m not saying that  you have to stop eating fried foods for the rest of your life. I’m simply saying that if you’re staple foods are formed by fried ones, you’d better change them to other healthier cooking methods. Here is a hint: fried foods for special occasions.

This is a very simple way to start our path to a healthier life. I’m sure now you have a better knowledge about the foods you eat everyday. If you have some questions or comments, do not hesitate about writing them down here. I’ll be more than happy to reply them. And of course, keep on reading How to Lose Weight and Still Eat: Part II.