Looking For A Health Coach to Lose Weight

Looking for Health Coach to Lose Weight

No more restrictive diets; start looking for a health coach!

Dear readers! I’m half way on my certification at the IIN®, I’m already licensed to start seeing patients and I can’t wait to tell you why you should be looking for a health coach!

Looking for a health coach is becoming the new modality on health solutions. It is not only the newest but the one that will allow you to reach the life time results you’ve been looking for. Losing weight, gaining weight, healing a chronic disease and even reaching your career goals was never this fascinating. It doesn’t matter what your life and health goal is, a health coach can always help you find your way towards it.

If you’re considering to enroll a health coach, you may have some questions and that’s why I want to start by answering some questions.

How is a health coach different from a traditional doctor, physician, dietitian or nutritionist?

The approach of a health coach is what makes the big rewarding difference.

  • A traditional nutritionist or doctor focuses on the symptom and the prescribing; they study the disease and its symptomatology and attack it directly to cease any feeling that may be bothering you. All symptoms and diseases are treated the same.
  • In the case of dietitians and nutritionist, they will make you follow a meal plan throughout some defined time, mostly until you’re totally bored of it and quit the treatment.
  • In the case of doctors and physicians, the possibility of prescribing medicines for a life time is more than a fact.
  • All traditional health practitioners look forward to curing you, the job is on them.

By the other side…

  • A health coach is someone that treats the patient rather than its symptoms; each patient is unique because they work under the principle of Bio-Individuality™.
  • For a health coach there’s no isolated cause for a disease; they look at health as a whole where all fields of a person’s life intervene in the final health.
  • Furthermore, a health coach does not prescribe any medications; he/she will recommend simple lifestyle changes that the patient will be able to try and adapt gradually so the changes become into new habits for life.
  • As a sport coach, health coaches play a side-role into your health. Their job is to work your health next to you, helping you to set and co-create your goals and your action plan towards your ideal health and life. Still the main role into healing yourself is on you.

I can find recommendations online by myself, why do I need to work with a health coach?

The coach will be the factor where information becomes into transformation. At the end, we all know what we are doing wrong and what we should be doing instead. We all know we should be eating more greens, having less processed chemicalized food and do some exercise daily but it does not matter how much we know it, we still don’t go for it.

The coach will provide you with inspiration, the stories, the motivation and the appropriate moves at the right time for you to start moving the right way.

What topics can I improve with a health coach?

Any related to health and life. From weight loss to high pressure, from constipation to conceiving. You name it. Furthermore, health coaches are more entitled as Life Coaches. Health coaches believe in the importance of differentiation of Primary Food™ from secondary food.

Secondary food refers to every meals that goes through your mouth while Primary Food™ refers to all those other things in your life that feed your body and soul but don’t go in a plate. They are: love and relationships, job and career, spirituality and physical activity. Any topic that refers to both primary and secondary food are definitely a mission for a health coach!

I am currently seeing a doctor and also under medical prescription. Should I quit to enroll a health coach?

No, you can work perfectly with both practitioners. Working with a health coach won’t intervene in your medical treatment and vice-versa.  You will see gradual improvements that you can consult with your doctor in order to make changes to your prescription. But always consult with your doctor before making any changes.

Got more questions?

If you still have questions regarding to enrolling a program with a health coach, just let me know! Leave a comment down in the comment box and I’ll be happy to reply any of your questions from my own experience as a health coach.

And if you’re looking for a health coach, I also want to cordially offer you my services as a Health Coach. Get your first health consultation online for free today. Ask me how!

Or if you actually want to become a health coach, read the following post by clicking here. 





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