Basic Steps For Meditation – Easy as 1,2,3!

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Meditation is getting quite popular today and probably you have heard about it, felt curious but never tried it before. You may want to know what are the meditation basic steps so you can start doing it right now. Well, you are for sure in the right place to learn the basic steps for meditation. In 3 easy steps, you’ll learn how to follow a basic meditation and give to your life the best of this method.

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First, let’s clarify what meditation is not:

  • To meditate is not to think. You don’t need to reflect.
  • To meditate is not to abandon what you are doing.

Briefly, what is meditation?

  • Meditation is a moment of peace and ease to your mind and soul where nothing is more important than letting yourself be.
  • Meditation is to clear your mind from every kind of thoughts.
  • Meditation is merging yourself with the “right-now” moment. It means to be conscious about what is going on in the exact moment you are practicing it.

In other words, you don’t need to leave what you were doing in order to meditate. You are able to meditate anywhere at any moment. All you need is your mind free of thoughts.

Does it sound hard or confusing? Not anymore because that’s the role of this post. Here, there are 3 easy steps to follow to get into that peaceful state at any moment of your day.

2 tips to have in mind before moving to the meditation basic steps:

1. Find a comfortable position. If you thought you needed to put yourself upside down or do some other advance yoga pose, let me give you the good news! You don’t! All you need to do is align your body in relationship with your spine. Sitting or laying, it doesn’t matter. Simply feel comfortable.

2. Define your meditation time. If you are a beginner, start meditating few minutes; 3-5 minutes are fine. You can even meditate 1 single minute because if you do it right, it will make a big difference in your day.

Meditation basic steps – 1, 2, 3!

1. Start your timer and softly close your eyes.

2.  Start inhaling and exhaling deeply. Free your mind of thoughts. Just concentrate on creating an “inhale-exhale” rhythm throughout the time you defined. Keep on doing it.

3. When the time is over, smile and thank for the moment you went through. Open your eyes softly.

Really? What else? 

File:Savasana artistic.jpg

Well… nothing more. You don’t need more than freeing your mind and here you just learned the 3 basic steps to do a good meditation. Incorporate meditation in your everyday. I highly recommend to make it part of your schedule. Do it as soon as you wake up, in the middle of stressful routines, before going to bed. Dare to try it and you’ll see the great direction your day takes right after it.

You may be thinking…

Yes, it is so basic. But that’s is essentially what we need to meditate. I know there are different type of meditations purposes, visualizations, poses, rituals and more. But this basic part of freeing your mind is not only the most important but the hardest one. If you get to free your mind from all kind of things, you can successfully move forward.

What is this good for?

This is a great method to reconnect yourself with your higher self. To breath calm, peace, inspiration and fulfill your mind and soul with positive energy to feel great throughout your day. Our minds are polluted with so many things: work and family issues, plans, goals, worries, diseases and more. By freeing your mind you come back to the basic state of “be” instead of “think”.

Thank you so much for reading the basic steps for meditation and thanks for your unconditional support!

Have you ever meditated? What’s your experience with it? Please do let me know your thoughts about meditation. I’ll be happily reading all your replies and will get back to you asap!

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22 Responses

  1. Ah, the joys of meditation.

    Usually my attempts end up with me switching off completely and falling asleep until the early hours :D.

    I managed okay the very first time I did it, but since then, it’s just been an excuse for me to snooze away.

    • hahah I feel you Ken! Because I went through that too. That’s the most common response from our brain to meditation. It only associates lack of thoughts with sleep. I really encourage to restart! Begin with just 1-2 minutes of meditation. Just breathing in and breathing out :) Let me know how you feel right after that!

  2. Makes a very interesting read! Good work – also……love the website name. Very clever and catchy!

  3. Great information. I always thought meditation was a little bit more complicated (I suppose it is once you advance further). It is definitely something I am going to try, I really need it lol.

    • You are right Jeff! This is the basic of meditation, freeing your mind. Once you advance you learn techniques depending on what your purpose is with meditation. But I still say the hardest part is freeing your mind! Thanks for your support!

  4. Good info. Just clear your mind and concentrate on my breathing. I can do that . Glad we met on WA.

  5. I love doing this. Thanks for the share Andrea

  6. Hi Andrea,

    very good post, well presented basic meditation techniques and beautiful looking, relaxing website. Fresh, clean, sweet, engaging.


  7. Ken makes a good point about falling asleep, I have had the same problem. The other problem I have is keeping thoughts from entering my mind, especially if I have a particular current problem.
    However I will try it again, I guess you only get better with practice.

    • Yes you’re right! The only way to get better is to practice. As I said, freeing your mind is the hardest part because we never train it for that. However, if you focus only in breathing (put all your attention in breathing) you will start moving forward :)

  8. Chris Lee Vella

    Will try and give this a go. I’ve been reading about the positive effects of meditation.

    Thank you Andrea! ;)

    • Thank you Chris! You should try it! The peace and energy charge that gives to you when you do it daily is just out of this world!

  9. Hmm.. recently I discovered I have a spine problem… will this affect me meditating? I tried before and I cannot seem to get it very well…

    • It doesn’t affect meditation at all McKing. The thing with meditation is that the brain tends to confuse the “no thinking” with “stop working”. So we tend to fall asleep or to keep thinking. The basics of free your mind is actually the most important. Meditation will help you relief your spine. It is not that it will cure you but meditation helps to release stress and pain. It allows you think positive and creatively. Let me know what your experience with meditation is and I can give you more tips on how to do it :)

  10. Hello Andrea!
    Love this post :)
    I will follow your steps tonight and allow myself to meditate, I think humans tend to over complicate things… but really the more easier things are the better and more relaxed we will be!
    Also we were never taught this stuff in schools, in fact nothing at all was taught about controlling our minds and allowing it to have stillness, when the mind is calm and has no junk built up in it then anything can be achieved.
    Thanks for this.

    • You are so right dear Lawrence! Schools must teach really important basics for life. Mindfulness is definitely more important than being good at math or literature. If we were taught to be good at mindfulness, no one would struggle with any of the other matters :) let’s start a movement for schools to start teaching mindfulness!

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