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The Secret On Weight Loss

Learn the secret on weight loss which is in fact, learning to eat.

I felt encouraged to make The Secret On Weight Loss a major page within Mount Everbest, since a couple of days ago I went through a funny weight loss-related situation at home because of the myths and beliefs people have around this topic. So I find very important to write about the secret on weight loss. This is the secret that works for me and many others that have learned that there is no point in dieting; the real thing is learning to eat.

My boyfriend’s family is staying at home for a vacation period and his grandma is a little in overweight. By her side, his mom is very concerned about that, so she keeps recommending what to eat and what not to eat to her mom who is really doing her best. I really hope she reads this and learn the secret on weight loss.

This is what happened:

Grandma was having plain oatmeal with cinnamon for breakfast and then mom came.

  • Mom said: stop eating oatmeal, it makes you fat.
  • Grandma said: I started eating oatmeal everyday because Andrea is fit and she eats oatmeal everyday, so I thought it won’t make me fat.

That was so touching and funny to me. I was in the next room so I just replied loudly: Oatmeal won’t make you fat Grandma! Keep eating your plain oatmeal everyday for breakfast! [Laughs]

So, let’s get into the real matter here, what is the secret on weight loss and health in general?

Eat more natural food and less processed/refined food.

That is the simple basic secret for being healthy. Is that hard?

I don’t blame anyone. Culture and media have taught us to eat in a certain way. But it is never too late to understand to secret on weight loss and health.

Eating wholesome means eating natural. Eating natural is when you get the food in its most natural way. The closer a food is to its natural-raw-unprocessed version, the healthier it will be for us.

What is the difference between eating natural and eating processed foods? What does it have to do with the secret on weight loss?

I want to mention here the famous American nutritionist, Joel Fuhrman. In his book Eat to Live (super recommended) he states:

Health = Nutrients/Calories. When the ratio of nutrients to calories is high, fat melts away and health is restored.

the secret on weight loss

When foods are processed, they lose most of their nutrients and many additives are added in order to make them last forever and still be tasty. Calories are normally high and nutrients are low. And if they are not high calorie, they will be still low in nutrients and full of additives.

Natural foods are just right the way they are meant to be. They are high in nutrients, most of them are low calorie (good quality calories) and they don’t have additives or conservatives.

So, in this sense of ideas and following the formula for health, you always want the nutrients of your food be higher than its calories.

How is that possible? Can you describe more how the secret on weight loss is working here?

Easy. Your body needs a lot of calories to digest all the nutrients. So when you are digesting a big amount of nutrients, all the calories will have a purpose to be within you. Meaning your body will burn them as the nutrients are digested.

So, imagine the opposite scenario when you eat junk/processed food which has almost zero nutrients. All the amounts of calories you get, have no work to get done. So your body simply stores them and then fat appears!

Keep reading about the foods that are aligned to the secret on weight loss.

Did I explain myself clearly? Please let me know if you have any question, suggestion, comment or anything. Feel free to e-mail me to  Do you have any experience with the Furhman’s health formula stated in the book Eat to Live?


  1. Awesome post Andrea! And nice story about Grandma, she seems fit too! 😀

    • hahaha She is losing a lot of weight McKing! She is back to her home but surely will keep caring about her health :)

  2. This makes so much sense to me… When wen shop we do our best to stay around the parimeter of the store!!! Only aisles we go down are the natural/organic ones!!! Great explanation! Thanks.

    • That’s right Cory! I’m amazed by the fact there are more and more people getting conscious about eating wisely :) That’s the way to go. If sometime you need some guidance about this topic, just let me know! I’ll be more than happy to help.

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