how to lose weight and still eat

Resolving one of the biggest mysteries: how to lose weight and still eat changing 8 simple things in our habits.

Who doesn’t love eating? Eating is one of the biggest pleasures of this life and for people like us that really enjoy eating, this is one of the greatest mysteries to resolve: how to lose weight and still eat? …Or at least, how to maintain our weight and still eat. Well, to be truth, this is not so hard. It is about optimizing the conditions for a better digestion so our body can have a well-development of its functions: to get the best from the meals and to detoxify itself from what is not healthy.

How to lose weight and still eat? Here there are some tips. They are very easy to follow and for a better understanding, has classified them into 3 parts.

In Part I, you can learn how to understand what you are eating. You will identify what is best for your body and health from what is not so much. It also gives you an outlook of the hard work your body during the digestion process. At the end of this stage you will be able to design a better eating-plan. You can find it in the following link:

 How to Lose Weight and Still Eat: Part I

 In Part II, you will learn 3 easy tips you can easily apply during your eating moments. They are so simple you will be so surprised on the high impact they cause to your body. You will feel lighter, happier, with more energy and a better performance during your workouts. They will boost your metabolism and enable the weight-loss process. Read about them in the following link:

 How to Lose Weight and Still Eat: Part II

how to lose weight and still eat

And in Part III, reveals 3 facts that strongly influence your health. They are closely related to your failed weight-loss efforts. If you think you have tried everything so far and don’t see any improvement in your health… some of these facts may be sabotaging your intentions on being healthier or fit. Check them out in the link below.

 How to Lose Weight and Still Eat: Part III

How to lose weight was never this easy. Say bye to all those “famous” diets that are in the market; they are so hard to follow! And you know what is worse? if you stop following them after some time, you will gain weight even more!

Here in MountEverBest, we want you to really create new habits. We want you to enjoy your life and all the things that come with it. MountEverBest creates consciousness and happiness. It will take your life to the top.

If you already read the 3 parts, you are possibly skeptic about if they really work because they are so easy, simple and clear. Well, since they are so easy, there is nothing to lose but pounds if you start by following them in this moment. Give them a try and hit me back! I’m more than honored to hear from you and guide you deeper through this process. Read what other authors say about this. This one from the Huffington post is great too.

 Wishing you infinite love and joy,