Whole Food vs Processed Food: A Secret on Weight Loss

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Beat the whole food vs processed food battle by learning to identify what food is what.

Dear folks, I really hope you’re enjoying this week! Whole food vs processed food is a long way battle but we all know which one is the winner for health. I’ve created a new page called The Secret On Weight Loss where I explained easily the formula of Health according to the nutritionist Joel Fuhrman. I have to confess that this has been really the secret for me to lose weight in a healthy way. No diets and no guilt. I’m so recommending you to read this page even if you’re not seeking to lose weight because it’ll make you understand how health works in a very easy easy easy way.

whole food vs processed food
Can you identify what is whole and what is processed in this plate?

So, this post Whole Food vs Processed Food is a continuation of The Secret On Weight Loss page and here I would like you to start identifying what foods in our daily eats are closer to its natural way and which ones are far away from being natural.

Whole food vs Processed food: Start identifying which foods are aligned to the secret on weight loss.

I’ll mention here some of the most popular foods in our everyday meals.

1. Vegetables and fruits are whole. Easy to find. Low calorie. High content of nutrients. When they are low-cooked is fine but when they are totally raw and fresh is even better. Exposing vegetables and fruits to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, tends to cancel their properties.

2. White bread, white rice, white sugar, white salt, pasta, all-purpose flour are processed because they are refined! Their closest version to natural would be whole-grain bread, brown rice, brown sugar/panela, sea salt, whole-wheat flour and whole-wheat pasta. They are called “whole-grain” because they still have the whole parts of the grain full of nutrients. 

3. Kitchen oils and butters are processed. They are all refined and give you “bad fats”. It doesn’t matter if it is canola, sunflower or peanut oil if it’s refined. Find virgin oils like olive oil. It is unrefined meaning natural.

4. Beware with peanuts, cashews, almonds and all kind of nuts and seeds. They are great when they are natural. But what is easily found in the supermarket is all these bags of nuts that come already fried, roasted and salted. Go for the natural raw nuts. They have very good healthy fats when they are still natural. So you better get your daily fat intake from these little nuts instead of the processed kitchen oils.

5. Legumes and whole-grain cereals are whole. Beans, peas, corn, wheat, quinoa, oats, brown rice are foods that we find easily in their natural version. Reduce canned versions of these food and sweetened box of cereals which are normally not wholesome.

6. Tubers as potatoes, taro and yams are also whole foods if you eat them in their natural version. Meaning bags of chips in the stores are processed.

7. Lean steak, chicken and seafood is fine but in minor quantities daily if they are fresh and whole. Processed meats like hams, sausage, bologna, etc, are totally processed. They are so far away from being wholesome.

whole food vs processed food
How natural is this?… Yep, That’s why you better eat it very occasionally :)

8. Dairy is a food you also want to have under control because of their high animal fat content and high calories. Prefer farm made dairy over factory made since the factory ones are so processed you’re not even having real cheese. Or better use their vegan substitutes.

So that’s the Whole Food vs Processed Food battle which is not a battle anymore now that you understand a little more how this works.

Now your challenge comes whenever you cook or select what to eat. I’m not telling you to be radical because I’m not either. Simply prefer majorly everything that is closest to its wholesome version. And for sure! 30 minutes of some exercise daily can play a main role over here too :)

If you eat natural most of your meals and any day you have no other choice but to eat processed food, you won’t feel guilt because you know you’re body is normally receiving what is best!

Have you found yourself in the middle of this whole food vs processed food battle? Please let me know your thoughts, questions, suggestions by writing down here. I’ll be happy to get back to you asap!

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10 Responses

  1. James W D

    One thing I think that trips people up is that they try to switch their diet from it’s current status to a totally new one. I think it is best for you to slowly work in these new foods and as you find the new meals you like and so forth, you can transition your diet from processed to whole.

    • I totally agree with you James! As I always say turning healthier is a process. It is so hard to make a total change all at once. You will feel weak and so on. Thanks for your input! Really appreciate it :)

  2. Christina

    Hey Andrea, I love the information you have for us today. In regard to tubers, what do you suggest, as far as cooking them? Is it okay to lightly cook them or eat them raw? By the way, I had raw sweet potato juice a couple weeks ago and it was delicious! Similar to carrot, only a starchier consistency. I recommend it.

    • Yes, you can boil them, bake or steam them, even grilled them like you do with potatoes for example. The secret is to keep them away from refined kitchen oils because they tend to absorb a lot!
      I feel so curious about that raw sweet potato juice! I want to do it! Will do a smoothie with it! Let’s see how it goes :) Thank you so much Christina for stopping by! Best regards!

  3. Im a nut addict, my favorite are brazillian nuts. But than i heard somewhere that they are the fattest from all! It is still my guilty pleasure time to time :D

    • hahaha they are very fatty! But it is a good fat if you eat them raw and with moderation. That is a super accepted guilty pleasure Karina!

  4. Hey Andrea :)
    I rarely eat processed food, in fact I was brought up with eating 90% of whole foods.
    I’m grateful for having a family who truly cares about the quality of food we choose.
    I love the picture of the desert and caption haha!

    • hahahahaha Lawrence! I was trying to be funny with that picture for sure. And let me tell you, you are so lucky to have that family! In my case and because of my culture I was born and raised with many mistakes in healthy eating. It is taking me years of learning and discovering. So cheers for your family! :)

  5. I have just started a bag of salted groundnuts when I come into this page. You made me pause for a while as I checked the ingredients at the label. Looks pretty healthy so far. Thanks for the tips.

    • hahaha thanks for your support Cathy! that’s why it is important to read the label of nutrients and ingredients. That’s the only way to know how natural is the food :)

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